20 Benefits of Burning Frankincense at Home

Here are the 20 benefits of burning frankincense at home, a substance rich in chemical compounds that are very beneficial to human health.

I. What Is Frankincense? 

Frankincense is a sticky, viscous substance that can be seen by making an incision in the bark of the incense tree, also known as Boswellia.

Once the incision is made, a substance flows down the tree and then, upon contact with air, coagulates. Olibanum is the result of this coagulation.

In the past, it was the object of an enriching trade between India and the West and one wonders why.

In this article, we will try to answer this question, and maybe you too, after reading this article, will start buying it.

II. 20 Benefits of Burning Frankincense at home

1. May improve sleep

Frankincense (olibanum) has a rather special virtue. When you burn it in the house and breathe in the smell of it, you soothe the nervous tension in your brain.

This makes it easier for you to fall asleep and get quality sleep.

2. Beneficial for Osteoarthritis

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, remember this sentence: olibanum helps relieve some pain.

Indeed, using frankincense could be useful to relieve the aches related to osteoarthritis. Not only will you suffer less, but frankincense will also help you heal.

3. May reduce the effects of arthritis

The main effects of arthritis are pain, redness, and swelling. And if you are keen to do something about it, to alleviate the effects, you can make use of frankincense, which is a completely natural solution to relieve your ailments.

4. Can relieve the intestines

The frankincense facilitates digestion. It intervenes in intestinal transit. Nowadays, many scientists consider it an effective remedy, because it accelerates the secretion of digestive enzymes and helps to fight against many intestinal disorders.

5. May Help Fight Cancer

It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Frankincense is quite useful in fighting cancer. According to many experts, it has anti-tumor properties that allow it to help fight the cells of a certain type of cancer.

It has also been found that one of the chemical compounds in frankincense (AKBA) can destroy cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy.

Thus, AKBA and thus frankincense would be a potential cure for cancer.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties

Frankincense is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can be used to prevent wound infection, reduce irritation and reduce swelling. It all depends on how you intend to use it.

7. Helps open the lungs and reduces asthma

In case of respiratory problems, frankincense can be helpful. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to act as a preventive against respiratory diseases such as asthma for example.

8. Positive effects on the skin

Generally speaking, frankincense is an excellent way to fight against skin aging. It helps to improve the complexion and appearance of the skin, but also to strengthen its defense system against bacteria.

Frankincense also firms and tones the skin, reduces the visibility of scars and fights skin discoloration (stretch marks).

9. Good for Acne

If you suffer from acne, don’t hesitate to rely on frankincense. This magical smoke, in addition to being natural, can be very useful when it comes to eliminating or reducing the traces of acne.

10. Maintains oral health

To ensure the well-being of the mouth, people tend to use the shower bath, however, frankincense and a much more effective alternative to the classic shower bath.

Being 100% natural, it eliminates all kinds of bacteria responsible for dental diseases.

11. Helps soothe a sore throat

Burning frankincense can help relieve sore throats. Frankincense has analgesic properties that are useful in relieving certain ailments such as headaches or throat aches, as well as many others.

12. Helps eliminate odors

Frankincense offers a lot of benefits. But it is not only for this reason that it is used. It gives off a pleasant enough smell that you can use to get rid of some bad odors inside the house.

13. Fights bacteria

Olibanum is also an antiseptic and disinfectant, as it has antimicrobial properties. It is a natural remedy that is proven to be effective in fighting germs in the body.

It is especially used to eliminate cold and flu germs.

And apart from that, if you want to disinfect your house, you can use it. Frankincense is a natural alternative to the chemical cleaners that are sold in mass in supermarkets.

14. Helps reduce stress

According to the research of many experts, frankincense would reduce stress. When inhaled, frankincense causes a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure.

It has anti-anxiety effects, reducing the rate of negative emotions.

Basically, when you breathe it, you are positive and therefore feel less pressure and stress.

15. May help reduce depression

Depression is often the result of intense pressure and negative emotions. But as I just mentioned above, inhaling frankincense helps to reduce negative emotions and to be positive.

You then have less chance of falling into depression when you use frankincense regularly.

16. Helps practice mindful meditation

Appreciated for boosting concentration, frankincense also facilitates mindfulness meditation. It frees you from all stress, fatigue, and pressure.

It allows your body to relax to facilitate the journey.

17. Spiritual benefits and connection to the divine

For a very long time, the smell of frankincense has been recognized for its spiritual virtues. Some authors have even written on the subject, mentioning that frankincense awakens our divine part.

It stimulates wisdom, and concentration, and increases our creativity, it is clear, that it makes us enter for a short time into a divine dimension.

18. Helps Stimulate Creativity

Often used for meditation, frankincense is considered by some people as an opening to the world of ideas.

It frees the mind and relieves stress which often leads to blocked thoughts.

19. Great for boosting concentration

To stimulate concentration, burning frankincense can be quite effective. Indeed, although it is a recognized aphrodisiac, frankincense is also an excellent way to boost concentration.

It helps to fight against depression and intellectual fatigue, allowing you to concentrate better.

20. May help increase sexual desire

Frankincense does not only have therapeutic virtues. It can also be used as an aphrodisiac. It incites you if one can say so, to make love, by intensifying your intimate relations.

III. How to Burn Frankincense at Home

To do this, there are two options. You can place the frankincense crystals on burning charcoal or you can decide to put them in water that is heated over a heat source. This can be a candle or something else.

You can also use an electric essential oil diffuser. And without having all the negative effects of the smoke of the coal, we will have all the positive effects of the essential oil of olibanum!

We still have an essential oil diffuser used in aromatherapy, usually made of ceramic (or sometimes glass).

They have an upper part in the form of a tray, which will receive the vegetable oil with small pieces of olibanum. And a lower part where we put a small candle that will heat the vegetable oil or we put the olibanum.

The oil while being heated will release a pleasant odor of olibanum, all beneficial for the health.

IV. Other Resins that Could Be Burned with Frankincense

1. Myrrh and Frankincense

These two incense resins are the most popular at present. Their mixture gives off a pleasant scent which in addition to bringing a plus to health facilitates concentration, meditation, and connection to the divine.

2. Dragon’s Blood and Frankincense

The mixture of these two incenses results in a substance with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and therefore anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Copal and Frankincense

This mixture gives rise to a delicious fragrance known for its protective and purifying properties. It is also used in spirituality. It facilitates the connection with the spiritual.

4. Benzoin and Frankincense

In addition to having a rather particular smell (vanilla and fine), this mixture is used for its protective and purifying effects. It is also used to relax the body and calm the mind.

5. Amber and Frankincense

Amber and frankincense is a fragrance that offers peace and tranquility and balance to the soul. It is often used in the atmosphere of the house after discussions or complicated situations.

Some people even prefer to use it as a perfume because of its impeccable smell.

6. Pinion Pine and Frankincense

This mixture is an excellent relaxant. It also serves to purify and clean the environment in which it is placed.

V. Potential Side Effects

Potential side effects include nausea, diarrhea, acid reflux, and even skin reactions. These symptoms are not always observed.

They are just signs of an allergy to frankincense or overuse if you happen to consume it or apply it to the skin.

VI. Other Question about benefits of burning frankincense At Home

1. How Often Should You Burn Frankincense

You can burn frankincense every 24 hours if you wish. To ensure a daily cure while not overdoing its use.

2. Can burning frankincense Be Bad for You

Although frankincense is a health benefit bomb, burning frankincense is also harmful to your health. Doing so causes the release of toxic substances into the body.

3. Does frankincense clean the Air?

Yes, frankincense does this. It gives you peace and serenity and gives your air a special smell, making it easier to meditate.

4. How long should you burn frankincense?

For no more than an hour or two, to avoid being exposed to a high level of harmful substances for the body.

We recommend airing the house for a maximum of 3 hours after the beginning of the operation.

5. Can you put frankincense on a candle?

Yes, it is possible to do so. This does not spoil its relaxing effect and its beneficial properties for humans.

But it is better, when you have the choice, to use charcoal or a professional diffuser.

6. Is frankincense psychoactive?

Frankincense is indeed known to have a certain effect on the brain. It is an antidepressant. And as I mentioned earlier in the article, it helps to relax and positivize.

Burning frankincense is like releasing positive vibes from the body, which will help the body to regenerate and heal itself quickly.

7. Is burning frankincense safe?

On the contrary, this practice is quite dangerous. It causes the release of toxic gases such as benzene and many others. It can also lead to irritation of the respiratory tract.

That is why it is necessary to take precautions to air the room where the incense is going to be burned before the operation and to air it afterward in order not to get intoxicated. Thus one must take all the necessary precautions to enjoy the benefits of burning frankincense at home.

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