27 Potential Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Here are 27 potential health benefits of sea moss, a bomb of minerals, and other essential health nutrients. It is a kind of food that heals and strengthens the body in general, without being a danger when consumed properly. Try it, you won’t regret it!

I. What is sea moss

Sea moss is known by many names, such as Chondrus crispus or white goeland. Irish sea moss is an algae that grows underwater in the area between North America and Europe. But a variety of this seaweed is also found in the Caribbean Sea and has long been consumed in Jamaica.

Although varieties of sea moss can be found in various colors, the one that is most known and used for its natural virtues is usually red.

This seaweed is known for its antioxidant properties, its numerous nutrients, as well as for the carrageenan it contains. This ingredient is a carbohydrate, which is used in food processing, such as ice cream.

But carrageenan, like the other elements of sea moss, can also bring a lot to the human body.

II. 27 potential health benefits of Sea Moss

1. Good for the intestines

Sea moss is a dietary supplement that can do a lot for the health of your intestines. The virtues of sea moss make it a perfect product in case of stomach inflammations.

The probiotic effect of sea moss is a plus for intestinal health, as it allows the development of good bacteria.

Sea moss can be used in cases of nausea, gastritis, and other intestinal problems.

2. Supports heart health

When it comes to your heart health, you can also count on sea moss to help you maintain it. This natural food works on blood pressure, as it helps regulate it.

The richness of nutrients in sea moss helps to improve blood pressure when it is low, which is a risk for heart disease.

Another benefit of sea moss on cardiovascular health is its action on weight. Since obesity is a dangerous factor for heart health, by helping to lose weight sea moss maintains heart health.

3. May help with blood sugar management

Whether it’s to regulate your diabetes or to avoid getting it, eating sea moss is a plus.

The seaweed is indeed full of nutrients and vitamins and has an effect on blood sugar levels. Sea moss has been proven to regulate blood sugar levels.

That’s why sea moss can help you lose weight, or at least help you regulate it.

4. May Help Fight Cancer

Seaweed in general is known to limit the risk of developing cancer. Its properties are attributed to its richness in iodine and selenium.

Sea moss, like most seaweeds, is also rich in iodine. When properly consumed, this food can be a plus in case of thyroid dysfunction as well as to avoid breast cancer.

It can act in a preventive way, in particular, to avoid the appearance of hormone-dependent cancers, even if the studies on this subject are not yet finished.

A distinguished doctor, Professor David Kayat, has developed an anti-cancer diet, which is made almost essentially of seaweed.

Sea moss, due to its richness in iodine, vitamins, and various other nutrients; is excellent for treating various types of cancer.

5. Fights cold and flu

The properties of sea moss are numerous. Thanks to this food, you can also treat yourself in case of colds and flu.

In cold and wet weather, the consumption of sea moss, whether in the form of food supplements or drinks, is an asset for the health of your body.

Sea moss is a food that helps your immune system function better. To fight against flu-like conditions, nothing beats a boosted immune system.

Sea moss works on nasal congestion and flu-like conditions. It can calm coughs and prevent bronchitis.

Thanks to the potassium iodide it contains, sea moss acts on the health of the respiratory tract.

6. Energy and healthy drinks

In case of chronic fatigue, you can turn to sea moss to regain some energy. Sea moss can also be consumed to improve the general condition of the body, including your physical fitness.

The richness of oxygen in sea moss acts on the cells of the body, which are also better oxygenated. Sea moss is rich in various vitamins and minerals, which help the entire human body to function better.

The minerals found in sea moss are important nutrients for the body’s energy.

7. Acts in case of anemia

Anemia is a disease that can be chronic, due to a fever, a hemorrhage, or a deficiency in various nutrients.

Not all anemias are caused by iron deficiency.

Because sea moss is rich in various nutrients, it can bring you real relief if you are suffering from anemia. It is also used in case of deficiency caused by a vegan or vegetarian diet.

In case of iron deficiency anemia, you can count on the iron contribution of sea moss.

The high iron content of this seaweed is an excellent natural way to treat your anemia.

8. Good for weight loss

For many healthy and natural dieters, sea moss is used to promote weight loss. The properties of sea moss can indeed help with weight loss.

First of all, sea moss acts on the fats present in the body. Moreover, it acts on the feeling of satiety. This is a huge advantage for those who want to lose weight because you will naturally feel less like eating.

The sea moss acts on glycemia, by regulating the sugar level in the blood. This is another element that influences weight loss.

Finally, because sea moss improves bowel health, you’ll also have a better chance of losing the extra pounds and improving your health.

9. Good for the skin

Sea moss can be found in many skin care products, especially anti-aging products. Whether it’s Irish sea moss or Jamaican sea moss, this seaweed is rich in citrulline, an element that improves collagen synthesis.

It is therefore a product capable of significantly reducing facial wrinkles and even delaying their appearance.

The virtues of sea moss for the skin are not limited to wrinkles. In case of skin problems, such as eczema or psoriasis, you can use sea moss to relieve yourself.

It also works if you have been exposed to the sun a little too much, and your skin has been slightly burned. It is a soothing product that will help you to heal your small skin problems.

10. Good for prostate diseases

The prostate is a small organ found in men below the bladder. It can be affected by different pathologies, including prostate cancer.

Even if the elements that cause prostate cancer are too diverse to be mastered, it is possible to act in a preventive way to maintain the prostate in good health.

For this, a diet rich in sea products, with seaweed such as sea moss, is to be preferred.

11. Can help expel mucus from the body

In the case of flu and colds, it is common for mucus to form in the nasal passages. This makes it hard to breathe, and often even makes your chest sore.

Consuming sea moss is very effective in clearing the airways. It is also an element that allows the body to get rid of the mucus that usually develops in the body in case of pneumonia, tuberculosis, or bronchitis. Sea moss helps to purge the body of mucus.

This effect of sea moss is because it contains potassium chloride. To take advantage of its benefits to get rid of mucus in your body, you can for example eat a hot seaweed soup. This dish will warm you up and help you recover from your flu.

12. Good for preventing kidney stones

Kidney stones, also known as renal colic, are crystals that obstruct the urinary tract, causing severe abdominal pain.

Kidney stones have a variety of causes. A diet that is too acidic, stressful, or even heredity can be the cause of renal colic.

Very often, to treat kidney stones naturally, a cure of mineral salts is administered to the patient.

Sea moss is an algae that is rich in mineral salts. In addition, it contributes to a balanced diet, helps digestion, and cleanses the blood.

For all these reasons, the use of sea moss can also help prevent kidney stones by preventing the body from becoming too acidic.

13. good for hair

As well as for skin health, sea moss can be used for hair beauty. Whether combined with other products such as Aloe vera or used alone, sea moss is very beneficial to hair.

Thanks to the vitamins A and E it contains, hair grows faster and healthier. On irritated hair, sea moss strengthens the hair fiber and restores its health.

Hair treated with sea moss is shiny and healthy because this seaweed is also antimicrobial.

Some people choose to apply it to their clean, damp hair to enjoy its benefits.

14. Full of iodine

Like a vast majority of seaweed, sea moss is rich in iodine. The benefits of iodine on the body are countless.

This trace element is present in the human body at the level of the thyroid gland and helps the nervous system function.

Iodine is necessary for various cognitive and cerebral functions. It is also thanks to iodine that the thyroid can act on the rest of the body, notably by promoting good growth, beautiful skin, and muscle development.

In short, iodine promotes the functioning of the entire body. Therefore, by consuming sea moss, you will ensure that you have enough iodine in your body. The daily dose is 150 ɥg.

15. Good for thyroid diseases

The thyroid can be affected in a variety of ways. Thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism are two conditions that seriously affect not only this organ but also the entire human body.

Hyperthyroidism can be caused by a deficiency of iodine, an element necessary for the human body and often found in sea products, such as sea moss.

The body’s iodine is distributed by the thyroid, and it is a trace element that affects the brain and nervous system. In addition, a healthy thyroid helps with muscle development.

For all these reasons, it is important to take care of the well-being of the thyroid and to prevent the different pathologies that can affect it.

The consumption of sea moss, because it is rich in iodine, prevents and acts on thyroid diseases, such as hyperthyroidism or thyroid cancer.

16. Fights all inflammation

For all types of inflammation, you can use sea moss to get relief. Inflammations can be caused by different types of aggressions. A chemical element, a physical injury, or even a shock can cause inflammation.

You can use sea moss for relief in many cases of inflammation. If you have a painful joint, headache, or muscle pain, you can benefit from using sea moss.

Whether you decide to use it internally or externally, it will act on the inflammation. Depending on the case, you may even decide to combine the two types of consumption.

17. Can boost the immune system

Because it is rich in micronutrients and vitamins, sea moss is ideal for improving the condition of your immune system.

This is one of the reasons why sea moss works for colds and flu-like conditions.

Sea moss is also known to help people suffering from deficiencies due to a vegan diet, or those suffering from a deficiency due to malnutrition.

The formation of red blood cells is promoted by vitamins B2, folate, and vitamin B12. The entire immune system can benefit from the advantages of sea moss.

18. Excellent detoxifier

Detoxifying the body from time to time is necessary for good health. Because many consumer products are contaminated with metals, it is not uncommon for these to end up in our bodies, with the health risks that one can imagine.

In sea moss, there is a phytonutrient called Algine, which can help the body eliminate heavy metals present in the body.

So, to cleanse your body and get rid of the harmful elements that might have settled in it, consume sea moss.

19. Great Mouthwash

Sea moss is also a practical mouthwash because it is completely natural. Because it is antibacterial, it helps to keep the mouth healthy.

In addition to this function, sea moss is an asset because it contains vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients keep the mouth healthy, limit the spread of bacteria, and with the advantage of using no chemicals.

So you can use sea moss gel for the health of your mouth and teeth.

20. Fights bacterial attacks

Sea moss also has antibacterial properties. It can act on various infections and inflammations.

The sea moss is thus useful to fight against various bacterial attacks, even viral.

It is a useful seaweed for healing because it is rich in collagen.

The sea moss has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Studies have looked into the use of sea moss for the treatment of various STDs, such as AIDS.

Researchers believe that its use may indeed play a role in the cure of this viral disease.

21. May help build muscle

Sea moss is a product that acts on the proper muscle development of the individual. This is possible first of all because sea moss is an algae, and it is full of iodine. By its action on the thyroid, the sea moss allows a better development of the muscles.

One of the elements found in sea moss is an amino acid called taurine. This one is very effective for muscular reconstitution, in particular during the practice of physical exercises.

It should be noted that in 10 g of sea moss, there is no less than 6 g of protein. The sea moss is therefore also a source of protein.

But to develop your muscle mass, do not rely solely on this product. Have a balanced and healthy diet, and practice daily physical exercises.

22. Aphrodisiac

Sea moss is found in Ireland as well as in the Caribbean Sea. In the Caribbean, the sea moss has a very particular reputation.

It is always recognized for its numerous virtues on human health in general, such as its ability to give energy or to act on inflammations.

But in addition to that, sea moss is considered a natural aphrodisiac.

In Jamaica, for example, it is consumed by men for its aphrodisiac virtues and is considered a sexual stimulant.

23. Possible fertility benefits

Sea moss has been consumed for generations by certain peoples, in Ireland or Jamaica. Some people believe that it has a beneficial effect on female fertility.

It is impossible to say exactly that sea moss promotes fertility. But the consumption of this seaweed promotes the general health of the human body, which is always a plus when you want to have a child.

Not only is sea moss a nutrient-rich product, but it can also help improve mental health and weight loss.

These are all things that have a positive impact on female fertility. In addition, the folates in sea moss are nutrients that studies have shown to improve fertility rates in women.

24. Can clean the blood

The blood is affected by everything we consume daily. Therefore, it may get infected, especially by heavy metals that can be found in some fish, such as salmon.

Cholesterol and sugar are also found in the blood and are responsible for heart problems or diabetes.

Sea moss can clean the blood. In case of heavy metal poisoning, it can get rid of the metal in question thanks to the algin it contains.

Sea moss has the same action in the case of blood sugar since it helps to regulate the sugar level in the blood.

25. Fights external radiation

The benefits of sea moss are countless. One of the most incredible effects of sea moss is its ability to act on external radiation.

In the event of a nuclear accident, radioactive iodine is released into the air and infects the body by reaching the thyroid gland.

It would seem that sea moss contains potassium iodide, an element capable of protecting the thyroid from radioactive iodine.

This is a measure that can be useful in case of a nuclear accident.

26. Can improve mood

In addition to these many virtues, sea moss is also very useful for regulating mood. Because it is rich in potassium, this seaweed acts on the nervous system. Studies have proven the effectiveness of potassium in the treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, or mood swings.

Thus, the consumption of drinks and products containing potassium is a good way to fight against this type of mental pathology. It is therefore highly recommended to take sea moss in these cases.

27. Can treat wounds

Because it contains collagen, sea moss is very interesting for treating open wounds. In the case of wounds, for example, you can use sea moss gel to help the skin tissues recover.

So, to help your skin heal after a wound, don’t hesitate to apply sea moss gel to your wound.

In addition to that, you can also consume it internally, to increase your chances of recovery.

How to take sea moss

III. How to Take Sea Moss

1. Sea moss smoothie

You can add sea moss to your smoothies to gently enjoy its benefits.

The neutral taste of sea moss makes it a natural addition to almost any smoothie. If you want to add sea moss to your drinks, it’s best to use it in gel form.

But there are also recipes for sea moss smoothies that are very easy to make.


  • 2 tablespoons of flax seeds
  • 100 g of sea moss
  • 6 cups of hot water
  • 500 ml plant milk
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg powder
  • 3 tablespoons of maple syrup


Clean the sea moss to remove sand and excess salt. In a bowl, mix the seaweed and the 2 tablespoons of flaxseed.

Add the 6 cups of warm water to this mixture and let it sit overnight. In the morning, strain with a colander.

Keep the resulting gelatinous paste in a cool place. To prepare the smoothie, put 4 tablespoons of sea moss in a blender, to which you will add vegetable milk, vanilla, cinnamon powder, maple syrup, and nutmeg.

Once everything is blended, you can consume your smoothie.

2. How to make Sea Moss Gel?

In 2 cups of cold water, soak 25 gr of dry seaweed for a few minutes, to rehydrate.

Clean the mosses so that they are clean, and use scissors to get rid of the hard bits.

Once clean, soak the seaweed for 30 minutes in warm water. Once the seaweed has swollen, you can put it in a blender with the soaking water.

The blender must be powerful to obtain the gelatinous effect of the sea moss gel.

The sea moss gel can be used to thicken mayonnaise, smoothies, and salad dressings.

3. The Blanc-manger

Blanc-manger is a very easy dish to make, a dessert that requires 40 minutes of preparation and 1 hour of rest.

For 4 people, you will need:

  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 1 cup of Irish sea moss
  • 50 cl of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of honey


Cook the rinsed sea moss with the garlic clove in a water bath in the milk for 30 minutes.

After straining the milk, add 2 tablespoons of honey. Put the preparation in ramekins or containers, before placing them in a refrigerator.

When the dessert becomes solid and consistent, you can serve your Blanc-manger.

4. Vegan Mayonnaise with Irish Moss Gel

This mayonnaise recipe is from a Key West restaurateur named Charlie Wilson.

For this preparation, you will need:

  • ¾ cup of Irish moss gel
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup fresh almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon coconut sugar
  • ¾ cup of a cold-pressed oil


In a blender, combine salt, sugar, almond milk, and mustard. While the blender is running on low speed, slowly add the oil. At high speed, add the Irish moss to obtain a smooth mixture.

Using a spatula, scrape up as much of the mayonnaise as you can from the sides of the blender before making a final mix.

Once chilled, this mayonnaise will expand, and you can use it for 7 to 10 days.

5. Sea Moss drink

You can use your sea moss gel to add to any drink. Then mix it and drink it cold.

Alternatively, you can mix sea moss gel, 4 stoneless dates, ¼ cup of plant milk, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon extract, another of vanilla extract, and ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg.

Consume the resulting drink, adding a little milk if you like if you find it too thick for you.

6. How to add it to recipes?

Sea moss is most often consumed as a gel. You can get sea moss gel by using sea moss nails or even dried sea moss. Otherwise, sea moss gel is also available for purchase.

Sea moss gel has a fairly neutral taste, which makes it easy to add to various dishes such as soups and sauces. You can also add it to stews, especially to give them more consistency.

There are many recipes based on or using sea moss.

7. How to use sea moss as a face mask?

You can use sea moss gel for your face by applying it to clean skin. Then leave it on for about 15 minutes while the gel takes effect.

Then, rinse your face with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

You’ll notice that your skin is more even and supple. Not only does sea moss moisturize and nourish the skin, but it also helps with skin problems such as eczema.

8. How to make skin soothing lotion with sea moss

To make a sea moss skin lotion, you will need to heat ¼ cup of coconut oil, to which you will add ½ cup of sea moss infused oil. Do this in a double boiler.

Add ¼ cup of beeswax granules to this mixture and stir until melted. Melt two tablespoons of cocoa or shea butter, before removing the double boiler.

You can add the essential oil of your choice, before putting the container in the cool. Your sea moss body lotion is ready.

9. Sea moss supplement

There is packaged sea moss that you can find in supermarkets or on websites in the form of capsules.

These are sea moss food supplements that you can consume. However, be careful with the dosage.

10. How often should I take sea moss?

Sea moss is rich in vitamins and minerals, but overconsumption can lead to health problems.

Therefore, make sure to take only two tablespoons of sea moss gel per day; that is ¼ cup of sea moss.

7. How often to take sea moss

Sea moss is rich in vitamins and minerals, but overconsumption can lead to health problems.

For this, make sure to take only two tablespoons of sea moss gel per day; that is, ¼ cup of sea moss.

IV. Sea Moss Nutrients (50g)

For 50 g of sea moss, there are:

  • Water: 406.5 gr
  • Energy: 250 kcals
  • Fat: 0.8 g
  • Fiber: 6.5 g
  • Protein: 7.5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 61.5 g
  • Iron: 44.5 mg
  • Magnesium: 720 mg
  • Zinc: 9.75 mg
  • Copper: 0.745 mg

V. Potentiels Effets secondaires

The harmful side effects of consuming sea moss are primarily related to the level of iodine it contains.

Thus, if you consume too much sea moss or if in addition to sea moss you have other sources of iodine, you risk overconsumption of iodine.

Having too much iodine in the body can cause thyroid problems.

Sea moss is an anticoagulant and should not be taken if you are taking medication for high blood pressure, or if you have suffered from a bleeding stomach ulcer.

Taken in excess, sea moss can also have a laxative effect and cause diarrhea.

In addition, sea moss is an algae. It absorbs elements from the environment in which it grows. Therefore, it is important to check the origin of the sea moss you consume. This is necessary to avoid poisoning.

VI. Where to buy sea moss

Sea moss today is available in many supermarkets. You can also find it in organic stores, as well as online, on many websites selling organic and natural products.

VII. Other questions about the potential health benefits of Sea Moss

1. Is sea moss safe for everyone?

It is not recommended for everyone to consume or use sea moss. Pregnant or nursing women are not encouraged to take it.

For people with thyroid conditions, taking sea moss can cause overconsumption of iodine, which can be dangerous. In all cases, consult your doctor first before taking sea moss supplementation.

Because there is always a risk of allergy, it is also important to be cautious when taking this type of dietary supplement. Furthermore, dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet.

2. How long does it take for sea moss to start working in your body?

The time it takes for sea moss to take effect depends on many factors. For example, in the case of sunstroke, sea moss soothes in a relatively short time.

Not only does the time of action depend on the problem, but also the health condition of the person in question.

For people suffering from malnutrition and deficiencies, it will take a longer consumption of sea moss to feel the effects on health.

When sea moss is used in body care, you will have brighter and more supple skin from the first use.

3. How much sea moss should you take a day?

The daily dose of sea moss is 2 tablespoons of gel. The equivalent is 4 to 9 grams of sea moss.

This is the dose for adults, as for children it is not recommended to go beyond one tablespoon of gel.

This is the dosage needed to avoid consuming too much iodine.

4. Can sea moss make you gain weight?

Sea moss is better known for its virtues in weight loss than in weight gain. It is a food that can be useful to help lose weight.

This is since sea moss helps to cleanse the blood of metals, as well as regulate blood sugar levels.

Another important element in weight loss is the positive impact of sea moss on intestinal problems. All these virtues allow sea moss to act in case of being overweight.

5. Does sea moss gel need to be refrigerated?

It is best to keep sea moss gel in a cool place. Put it in an airtight container before storing it in the refrigerator. It can be kept in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks, or even longer in some cases.

In the freezer, you can keep your sea moss gel for 3 months.

A great tip for using sea moss gel in your smoothies is to put it in ice cube trays.

Once it has hardened, simply toss the ice cube into your smoothie to enjoy the benefits of sea moss.

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