Can I take spirulina to gain weight?

Can I take spirulina to gain weight? How to consume it? When to take it? What is the right dosage? And finally, what do we advise to gain weight and muscles?

I- Causes of thinness and low body weight

Globally, the causes of thinness are of 3 types: organic causes, psychological causes and pathological causes.

Organic causes. Some people are skinny or of weak build by nature. Their equilibrium weight is low and does not necessarily have anything to do with a disease state.

They can eat in large quantities but nothing will help them because their metabolism is built that way. Their body is a sort of natural fat burning machine, almost effortlessly! 

Old age is also a natural cause of thinness. With age, we are sometimes less hungry, so we notice a loss of weight.

Pathological causes. Some diseases such as cancer, thyroid problems, diabetes, celiac disease and other infections cause weight loss because of the disease itself.

Psychological causes. Anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder, is a psychological disorder. The person does not eat for fear of getting fat and making herself vomit for example so as not to get fat but without giving up eating the good things she likes.

Depression can also lead to a loss of appetite. 

II- When to take spirulina to gain weight?

Depending on your eating habits, spirulina can be taken in the morning, at noon or in the evening. The trick is not to forget your daily intake.

However, for it to produce the desired effect in a fattening diet, spirulina must be taken after meals to effectively play its role as a food supplement. Taken before, the result might not be the one expected. It can even sometimes suppress the appetite.

So be careful to eat well and then take your spirulina ration.

II- Posology and good dosage of spirulina

In tablets or capsules it is recommended, when one is at the beginning of a fattening diet to take only one tablet per day.

And to follow this cure for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months.

In powder it is advised to consume 2 to 7 grams per day according to your body mass. But before getting there it is better to start with 1g/day.

Note that each metabolism has its own capacity of absorption of this alga. It is therefore advisable to gradually increase the dose until our body feels the limit.

III- How to use spirulina to gain weight?

In powder, tablets or capsules, the choice of the form of spirulina is yours. The tablets and capsules are swallowed directly while the powder will be mixed with olive oil, aloe-vera, an essential oil, a fruit juice, cottage cheese or yogurt for example: or simply with a glass of water to be sure not to alter its active substances.

This same powder can be used in cooking as a spice.

Also, it is possible to combine the properties of spirulina with those of other plants. You will find on the market food supplements based on spirulina and chlorella. These mixtures can sometimes make the action of the micro-algae even more invigorating. 

IV- Take spirulina to gain muscle mass

In addition to the nutritional qualities that are recognized to spirulina, many testimonials confirmed by some scientific research confirm its effects on the human body.

Rich in proteins, this micro-alga contributes to the maintenance of the muscular mass, but also to its increase, which is an essential point of the musculation.

In the morning, spirulina will allow you to prepare the muscles for physical effort and thus benefit from its benefits on endurance.

After the effort, spirulina will allow you to improve muscle recovery and prevent inflammation. You can also postpone this intake to the end of the next meal, but especially not more than two hours after the end of the physical effort.

Spirulina dosage for bodybuilding:

As mentioned above, you should always start with small quantities when you want to do a spirulina cure.

1 gram per day is the right dosage to start with, even for confirmed athletes.

And after a few things of acclimatization of its body to this alga, one could increase the dosage gradually until reaching the 7 grams, even 10 g for the big bodybuilder who have a big absorption of this super food.

Remember that spirulina can be accompanied by other food supplements such as vitamin C and Niacin.

Also, you can take your spirulina ration at any time of day, morning, noon and evening, before or after your bodybuilding session.

Spirulina and muscle growth

Spirulina is an algae that can be considered as a booster for muscle development, and this is done by synthesizing proteins, improving the metabolism of nutrients and accelerating the muscle recovery process.

V- How to get fat very quickly and healthily?

There are several formulas to get fat very quickly. The most used are dietary and nutritional.

Certain foods should be included in your menus to gain weight. Foods with a high density to bring you more calories (fruits, vegetables, cereal products such as bread, muffins, cheese, milk and its substitutes, meats and their substitutes as well as other products such as oils and oilseed butters).

Think about the little things that can stimulate your appetite: dining with people you like, starting your meal with a glass of lemon juice, eating what you like, decorating your dishes,

Increase the calorie content of your meals by adding certain ingredients (vegetable oil, nuts and dried fruit in pastries, egg yolk, honey, etc.) and snacks (dried dates, cereals, cheese). Avoid white fish, skim milk and fresh vegetables.

Although it burns some calories, physical activity allows you to stimulate your appetite. Without this activity, the weight gain will only be in fat.

Schedule your meals and do not exceed 3 hours between each food intake if possible. Abstain from “light” or low-calorie products.

And try to use food supplements only occasionally.

VI- Why take Spirulina to gain weight

Spirulina, because of its innumerable richness in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, helps effectively in weight gain diets and in the fight against malnutrition problems.

It is often called “sea meat” because of its high protein content (between 10 and 70% of its dry weight). It contains all categories of vitamins (vitamins A, B, D, K, E), beta carotene in large quantities, amino acids, fatty acids, trace elements (iron, potassium, sodium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium).

Spirulina also contains lipids that the body needs to gain weight.

It is therefore one of the best dietary supplements to help gain weight as it provides the body tissues with what they need to grow.

In the same sense it is used in the fight against anemia and deficiencies related to thinness.

It should be remembered that it would be preferable, for those who want to gain weight, to take spirulina as a dietary supplement always after eating well.

VII- Vitamins in pharmacies to gain weight

Several vitamins are particularly effective in a fattening diet. These are vitamin C, vitamin A, B, E, folic acid and niacin.

They can be found in pharmacies in the form of capsules of different brands. We can mention Fortimel (hyperprotein and hyperenergy oral nutritional supplement) Alvityl multivitamins (supplement in syrup), Apetamin, Nuravit vitamin, Heptolif syrup, Revitalose, Juvamine, Fenugreek, Leena etc.

Each of these products contains either a specific vitamin or a mixture of vitamins.

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