How to stop receding gum from getting worse with aloe vera?

How to stop receding gum from getting worse with aloe vera? How to use aloe vera to stimulate gum regrowth? Mouthwash? Toothpaste? Gel? How to treat receding gums? And finally, what other natural remedies do we recommend to treat gingivitis and receding gums?

I- Brief reminder on periodontitis

 Periodontitis is an alteration of the periodontal tissues causing acute inflammation. Otherwise, it is the tissues that support the tooth that is affected, namely: the bone, the ligament, the gum, and the cementum. 

Periodontitis is characterized by gingivitis at the beginning, the loss of the bone afterward causing instability of the tooth and the fall of the latter finally.

The aggravation of this pathology is relatively dangerous and can have consequences on health.

Why Do Gums Recede?

 Bad oral hygiene and the non-brushing of the teeth are the principal cause of periodontitis.

Indeed, the first stage of this disease is gingivitis caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth.

Hormonal changes due to age, menopause, and pregnancy can be behind periodontitis.

The weakening of the immune system can also result in the deterioration of the periodontal tissues. Other more or less serious reasons would sometimes be the cause of this dental pathology: smoking, alcohol, and heredity.

The symptoms of periodontitis

Bleeding gums

Tooth mobility

Bad breath

Tooth loss

Swelling of the gums

II- How to stop receding gum from getting worse with aloe vera

If your gums are receding and the roots of your teeth are about to become visible, it is possible to stimulate gum growth with aloe vera while taking other treatments.

There are several forms and ways to use it. The aloe vera remedy is also effective in preventing gum disease.

For all of the following methods and uses, it is always best to intervene early before the gum tissue degrades.

Note that some people may be allergic to aloe vera and should avoid it.

1. Mouthwash with aloe vera

For oral hygiene in general or for gum care in particular, the use of an aloe vera-based mouthwash seems to be a sensible alternative.

Unlike the mouthwashes you are used to buying in pharmacies, this one does not contain any unknown chemical substances.

On the other hand, the treatment we propose is more effective and more active than the others. It should be remembered that aloe vera can be used even in the long term without causing other health problems as chlorhexidine does.

Doctors recommend remedying a gum problem a pure form of the gel of this plant, to keep an intense efficiency.

To prepare the treatment, remove the aloe pulp from its leaf and wash it with water. Using a food processor, grind the gel into a liquid form.

Once a day, rinse your mouth for one minute with the aloe vera liquid while shaking it inside your mouth, before spitting it out.

For a more suitable use, it is always better to consult a doctor for additional prescriptions.

2. Toothpaste with aloe vera

Although aloe vera toothpaste can be used to treat receding gums, it is much more useful for prevention.

This is due to the antiseptic aspect of this plant and its ability to reduce or even make dental plaque disappear. 

Aloe vera toothpaste can either be prepared at home or bought in pharmacies or specialized stores. Brush your teeth with this product at least twice a day to repair your gums.

This toothpaste will not only reduce plaque and bacteria but will also help prevent them from appearing.

Although this remedy is effective, it is always recommended to consult a dentist for further treatment, especially when the gums are seriously affected.

3. Aloe vera gel for the gums

Aloe vera gel in pharmacy for oral application is like the previous forms, very effective, and acts against oral pathologies.

It cleans the mouth, heals gingivitis, fights against bacteria, prevents cavities, etc. Moreover, aloe gel treats periodontitis and helps the retracted gums to recover.

If you follow the dosage and instructions in the leaflet, massage your gums with the gel once a day.

Your gums will gradually recover and fill in the gaps between your teeth after a few months.

As already mentioned, it is always advisable to follow up with a dentist in parallel, especially in the case of an advanced stage.

Probably it’s the most effective way to stop receding gum from getting worse!

4. Complications of receding gums

Most diseases of the supporting tissues of the teeth such as receding gums are responsible for the vast majority of tooth loss in humans.

Because the tissues weaken and become scarce. This means that the jawbone does not have enough gum tissue to hold the roots of the teeth in place.

As a result, teeth are more likely to fall out.

And when your dentist assesses the health of your teeth, in some cases, he or she may have to remove several teeth to prevent future pain and suffering.

Teeth will inevitably fall out and the dentist will anticipate their replacement to avoid unnecessary pain.

Note that in some cases of severe loosening, surgery will probably be the best solution to avoid further complications.

5. Aloe Vera for canker sores and other mouth irritation

Aloe vera is a very good natural ingredient to cure canker sores, cold sores, or other mouth diseases.

Its gel can help the healing process!

This plant is effective in fighting bacteria that accumulate in the mouth and on the teeth and gums.

A simple application of a dab of aloe vera gel on mouth irritations, such as canker sores, cold sores, or ulcers can easily relieve you of them.

Many aloe vera-based products on the market could be incorporated into your oral hygiene routine, in addition to regular brushing and dental cleanings.

III- Can aloe vera treats and heal receding gums

It should be remembered that the pulp of aloe vera is full of active elements, especially nutrients. Among them, we quote proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

These contribute during an internal or external application to the repair and healing of many pathologies.

Periodontitis is one of the diseases that aloe vera treats. The antiseptic aspect allows to eliminate the dental plaques and prevent them.

Among other things, enzymes and proteins help the recovery of the gum and the reconstruction of the gum tissue.

IV- Surgical Solution to reverse receding gums

Aloe vera and other natural remedies are very beneficial in slowing down tooth loosening and curing a lot of dental diseases.

 However, sometimes, especially when the disease is quite advanced, the only way left to repair the gum is surgery.

If the gum disease is quite advanced, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible to diagnose the disease.

It is up to the dentist to guide you on the best method to get rid of this inconvenience.

And one of these methods is surgery, which is done by dentists.

V- Natural treatment for gum recession

 Aloe vera is not the only natural remedy that exists to treat periodontitis, other natural substances provide healing and preventive effects against the pathology.

So here’s how to stop receding gum from getting worse with other natural remedies.

Mouthwash with folic acid can repair the damage and shrinkage of the gums.

This substance, otherwise known as vitamin B9, helps in the regeneration of cells, therefore its application on the mouth helps to restore the gum.

Tea tree oil is an effective antibacterial and organic cleanser. Its application in mouthwash will eliminate bacteria and reduce dental plaque.

Adding a few drops of this oil to your toothpaste will help prevent dental disease.

Lemon juice is also an undeniable remedy to prevent and heal receding gums. The secret lies in the vitamin C contained in this liquid.

It will play the role of anti-inflammatory and will allow the reconstitution of the gums.

Other natural remedies:

  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Essential oil of clove
  • Coconut oil
  • Turmeric
  • Mustard oil

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