What are the different uses of green clay in gynecology? [vagina & pubis]

What are the different uses of green clay in gynecology? How to put it on the intimate parts? What are the benefits? How to prepare clay for the intimate parts? What about ovules in the vagina? And finally, does drinking clay help to reduce problems related to intimate problems?

I- Can green clay be used on the intimate parts?

Green clay is a mineral whose properties have been known since the beginning of time. For the intimate sphere, clay can also bring innumerable benefits.

A large majority of intimate problems are related to the presence of bacteria or infection. Green clay, due to its antibacterial properties, can provide natural relief in such cases.

It should not be forgotten that clay is absorbent. Also, applied in an infected environment, it absorbs bacteria and toxins to purify it.

Putting clay on your private parts is not a bad idea. It can be effective against infections and itching and bring quick relief.

II. What are the different uses of green clay in gynecology

1. Benefits of green clay for the intimate parts

Green clay is a very old remedy. In cases of intimate problems, particularly gynecological ones, it works real miracles.

Green clay is a well-known analgesic. It has the faculty to decrease the sensation of pain that the nerves can transmit. For this reason, green clay is used in cases of painful periods. It helps to soothe the contractions of the uterine mucous membrane.

Green clay is hemostatic, which means that it improves coagulation following an injury. It can therefore be useful after childbirth. Blood loss is frequent after childbirth, and hemorrhaging is common. The use of green clay can help to stop these.

Green clay is healing. This faculty holds it of the elements which compose it: silica, aluminum, and zinc.

This is why it helps to reconstitute tissues. It is another property that can prove to be important after a vaginal tear. Healing takes time after pregnancy.

Whether the woman has given birth by vaginal delivery or by cesarean section, clay can help her heal faster.

Green clay is remineralizing. It brings minerals to the body, which helps the body to regain its balance. Due to this, the body can better defend itself against external aggressions.

2. Green clay on genitals with cysts

Ovarian cysts are one of the biggest ailments that women in the world experience. They are pockets that can be filled with fluid or solid, which form on the walls of the ovary or inside it.

Although some are asymptomatic and disappear on their own, others are symptoms of more serious ailments.

Endometriosis, for example, causes cysts, and these often require surgery. Women who suffer from endometriosis experience various difficulties, such as irregular periods. They may also experience pain during sexual intercourse.

Also, ovarian cysts are health problems that affect the quality of life of those who suffer from them.

Green clay, because of its absorbing and soaking properties, can act on cysts and drain their liquid. It can also relieve the pain associated with this problem.

Used as a poultice, green clay can act on the formation of cysts and probably even on polycystic ovaries.

It is a natural and virtually safe way to try to get rid of ovarian cysts.

3. How to prepare the poultice for the genitals

A green clay poultice for the genitals is made like a clay mask.

Mix a certain amount of green clay with water in a wooden or porcelain container. Do not use iron utensils with the green clay.

The properties of the clay could be destroyed by the metals. Prefer plastic, wood, or glass.

Make sure that the mixture has a paste-like texture, similar to toothpaste.

Apply it to a periodical towel or a large bandage before applying it to the vulvar area. Feel free to apply a generous amount.

The duration of the treatment varies and depends on the infection and its symptoms. Nevertheless, avoid leaving it on after the clay has dried. Once the poultice is removed, get rid of it.

Never reuse a clay poultice.

Rinsing afterward is not an obligation. But if you wish, you can do it. In this case, rinse the area with warm water and simply apply vegetable oil.

4. Clay ovule to insert into a vagina

Clay ovules are also ways to clean her vagina naturally. They will work on cysts as well as other conditions, such as fungus for example.

Candidiasis is a condition caused by a fungus and can manifest itself by heavy white discharge or itching.

The introduction of a green clay ovule into the vagina is a direct way to fight against this type of ailment.

By integrating the uterine sphere, the ovum will absorb toxins and purify the area.

For that, it is always better to moisten the ovum before introduction. You can also apply vegetable oil, such as coconut or olive oil, to it.

Once introduced, you must wait a few hours. Once the first egg has disintegrated, you can insert a second one. A maximum of three eggs can be inserted into the vagina in one day.

This treatment can also be very useful for vaginal healing.

It is nevertheless good to know that the clay ovule can go down completely, or crumble. This is not a big deal, just try again.

5. Can drinking clay solve gynecological problems

When it comes to gynecological problems, green clay is mostly used in the form of ova or poultices.

However, it is not forbidden to drink it to solve this type of problem. Once in the body, the clay will act from the inside. It will be able to cleanse the body, eliminate toxins and bacteria.

This type of action can have an impact, albeit indirect, on gynecological diseases.

Drinking green clay can, therefore, to a certain extent, help cure gynecological diseases.

6. Clay mask on pubic area

Since pubic hair is generally thicker than the hair on the rest of the body, it is important to use a sharp razor to get rid of it without irritating.

Clay has the property of absorbing water by making a very happy exchange with the skin, giving it all the natural minerals it contains when it absorbs with water all the excess sebum and toxin produced by the skin.

Green clay helps unclog clogged pores and remove any dirt that builds up there, while it exfoliates, softens, and reduces the appearance of pimples and other impurities that may appear on the pubic area.

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