How to Do a Magnesium Cleansing Purge

Knowing how to do a magnesium cleansing purge is sometimes very useful for those who want to take care of their health. Its multiple benefits encourage us to do this purge regularly to ensure a healthy lifestyle and clean our guts.

I- What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a chemical compound found in food salt and more directly in seawater.

Nigari is the Japanese name for magnesium and represents unrefined magnesium in the form of white powder.

Nigari salt is a natural crystal that consists of 95% magnesium. It is a natural product of marine manufacture.

Nigari salt is rich in minerals and trace elements while having a very low content of magnesium or in other words salt.

20 g of nigari salt contains no protein, no carbohydrates, no fat, and no calories, but it does contain 2300 mg of magnesium, which is 600% of the recommended daily allowance.

II- How to do a magnesium cleansing purge?

Magnesium has so many benefits that it would be unthinkable not to take advantage of it. Consumed in the cure, the salt of nigari makes it possible to purge the body of many evils.

Doing a nigari salt cure in the fall will help your body to strengthen your immune system for the winter, but you can do as many cures as you want throughout the year, depending on what you need from them.

To take advantage of all the benefits of magnesium, you must take care to take it correctly.

Indeed, it is not consumed anyhow and is presented as a remedy to be diluted in water.

The recommended dosage is 20g of nigari salt for one liter of water.

The ideal dosage for a preventive cure is a 125ml glass morning and evening for a few days.

In case of illnesses that you wish to eradicate due to magnesium, such as angina, colds, etc., it is recommended to consume a glass every 3 hours for a maximum of 8 glasses per day.

Children are not deprived of the benefit of nigari saltwater, but it is recommended to proceed with specific doses according to their ages.

For children of 2 years old, it is imperative to decrease the dose to one 20 ml glass only every two hours. From the age of 3 a glass of 80 ml every two hours, and the age of 4 it is possible to consume 100 ml every 6 hours.

1. What are the benefits of magnesium purge?

A magnesium deficiency can be the source of many health problems such as chronic fatigue, muscle cramps, or insomnia.

As mentioned above, magnesium has many virtues, including :

Therapeutic effects: By strengthening your immunity, nigari salt helps eradicate colds, sore throats, and stress.

Anti-aging: Magnesium has been proven to fight against the aging of the body, for example by acting against the appearance of white hair.

Skincare: Used in the cutaneous application, its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help refine the skin texture while eradicating acne and other imperfections. It can also soothe eczema by soaking a cotton ball in it and applying it directly to the problem areas.

Anti-fatigue: It is well known that the cures of magnesium help to fight against tiredness and the lack of tonicity. Chronic fatigue, nervousness, irritability, and excessive emotional reactions will be overcome by a nigari salt purge.

Digestive system benefits: Nigari salt has been shown to help calm heartburn and reduce bloating. It is also a natural laxative that will help relieve constipation.

Putting a few tablespoons in hot bath water will help ease aches and pains in your muscles.

Mixing a small amount of nigari salt into the water your furry pets (dogs and cats) consume will help them fight infections.

Finally, magnesium added from time to time to the watering of your plants will act as a natural fertilizer.

How to do a magnesium purge

2. Is it necessary to do a purge before fasting?

Fasting is a very well-known practice and is forbidden in many religions. But in our time, it has been proven that fasting, even for seven days, helps to detoxify the body and mind, while bringing comfort to our digestive system.

Many doctors recommend a bowel cleanse the night before at the end of the day so that your body is prepared to begin a fast. To perform this cleanse, it is recommended to use nigari which is a purgative.

Thus, 2 tablespoons of magnesium in half a liter of water will do to prepare your body to undergo a fast that will offer you a lot of well-being.

3. Instructions for using Magnesium

Take a large glass of water and put a teaspoon of magnesium in it.

You can drink lemon juice right after to activate certain functions of the digestive system.

It is advisable to take this formula on an empty stomach, one or two hours before taking a meal, to give it time to act in the stomach.

This will give him time to clean the walls of the intestines and stomach, where old residues are usually found stuck together.

Prepare to go to the bathroom several times, because the effect of magnesium on the digestive system empty of any food is sometimes very pronounced.

It will take the form of very liquid diarrhea, although it is not strictly speaking diarrhea at all.

And as we know diarrhea causes great dehydration, we advise you to drink plenty of water after each trip to the toilet.

4. Contraindication for the use of nigari salt

If you have any doubt about your ability to consume magnesium, be sure to seek advice from your doctor.

Nigari is not recommended for anyone suffering from kidney failure or any other kidney problem, heart problems, or on a salt-free diet.

You must be careful about the laxative effect and reduce the doses if the effect becomes annoying.

Be sure to keep magnesium water refrigerated in a well-sealed bottle.

Do not forget that the cures must be periodic and done with reason, an overdose in magnesium is inclined to make you sick by provoking diarrheas with the risk of dehydration.

If you are pregnant, ask your doctor for advice before any treatment!

5. Possible side effects

Magnesium is considered safe if used according to the instructions and the known dosage.

The most common side effects are stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Many of these side effects can be mitigated by taking the supplement with other foods.

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