Health Benefits of candied ginger

What are the Health Benefits of candied ginger? Is Ginger Good for You? How to prepare a crystallized ginger recipe? What is the right preparation? How much-crystallized ginger is safe to eat per day? Can you put crystallized ginger in tea? How to store candied ginger? Is it effective as an aphrodisiac? Does candied ginger help heartburn or acid reflux? And finally what are the possible side effects of crystallized ginger?

I- How to prepare a crystallized ginger recipe

There are several ways to prepare candied ginger.

It should be noted that candied ginger is a ginger root cooked in a bath of sugar water several times until it is softened.

Let’s discover together, in the following lines, at least two (2) ways to prepare candied ginger.

On the one hand, you can consume ginger in powder form. This is the fastest commercial way to consume ginger according to many people.

However, you too can prepare it very easily at home.

Dry your ginger root in the sun for a day so you can simply turn it into powder. You can also use a microwave.

To get a fine powder, use a mortar, blender, or coffee grinder. To use this fine ginger powder when you need it, store it in an airtight plastic bag, or a glass bottle.

When you have ginger powder at your disposal, you can easily add this root to your different dishes to season.

On the other hand, you can prepare and consume ginger candied in honey. Using honey instead of sugar to crystallize your ginger brings a natural sweetness.

The combination of honey and ginger is a great alternative to desserts and can be eaten for fun as a snack.


For the preparation of this mixture, you must have the following ingredients at your disposal: 450 grams of fresh ginger, 500 grams of liquid honey, and 350 ml of filtered water.

Regarding the preparation, you must first wash and peel your ginger, then slice it very thin.

A second time, you have to simmer this mixture. Bring all the ingredients to a boil after having placed them in a saucepan. For 30 minutes, cover and simmer over low heat.

For another 30 minutes, remove the lid and simmer on low heat as well. The goal is to get the ginger to be tender.

In a third step, devoted to draining, let the mixture cool after removing it from the pan.

Strain the candied ginger through a sieve until all the excess syrup drains from the ginger pieces.

Finally, let the remaining pieces dry. Place them on wax paper or a wire rack to dry and crystallize.

Then enjoy your honey crystallized ginger snack after you have let it sit for 12 hours.

Having discovered how to prepare candied ginger, let’s now discuss candied ginger as an aphrodisiac.

II- Candied ginger as an aphrodisiac

Ginger is undeniably the most famous aphrodisiac in the world. In the sense that it is used in Malaysia to win the heart of women.

It is used to rekindle the flame of love in North Africa. Women in Senegal wrap it around their hips to excite their husbands.

The candied ginger is composed of essential oil also and it contains gingerol. Its aphrodisiac virtues are precisely conferred by this substance.

A revitalizing and stimulating action on the body is exerted by this substance.

The virtues of candied ginger would be more precisely vasodilators and would facilitate the influx of blood essential to the erection.

Let us discover in the lines which follow the daily dose of candied ginger which it is necessary to consume or take.

III- Is Ginger Good for You?

Ginger is a root that humans have used for hundreds of years for their health.

And if you don’t have any particular intolerance to this root and you don’t have any disease for which it is not recommended, then surely it will benefit your health.

We will see in the following paragraphs the health benefits of candied ginger!

IV- How much-crystallized ginger is safe to eat per day?

For health, the daily consumption of candied ginger is strongly advised. Especially when it is coupled with other spices such as cinnamon or turmeric.

Per day, it is possible to take 2 to 5 grams of ginger rhizome powder or dried ginger. This intake is divided into 2 or 3 times daily.

Also, you can take candied ginger in the form of mother tincture, herbal tea, grated fresh ginger, energy drinks, etc.

There are indeed different ways to consume candied ginger. However, for it to have a noticeable effect on the body, you are advised to take a minimum of 500 mg per day.

Let’s talk about the benefits of candied ginger.

IV- Health Benefits of candied ginger

1- Antioxidant

Candied ginger contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that have the role of protecting cells from free radical effects.

These free radicals are recognized as particularly reactive molecules.

They participate in the development of certain diseases and are involved in the aging of cells.

Two studies, a first one conducted by Nakatani N. in 2000 and a second one conducted by Kikuzaki H, Nakatani N. in 1996 confirm that ginger contains about forty of them.

Among them, some would resist heat and would be released at the time of cooking. It is therefore beneficial to consume ginger fresh or cooked, but also in powder form.

2- Anti motion sickness

Against motion sickness, candied ginger fights effectively. When after a trip you have pain, it is perfect to give you a boost.

In addition to that, it brings great reinforcement to your natural defenses.

3- Treatment of Insomnia

Candied ginger helps to improve sleep. You should turn to ginger if you don’t know what is causing your insomnia.

For a long time, ginger has been used to help people who have trouble sleeping relax.

For sleep to come, being relaxed is truly necessary. From one individual to another, the treatment varies.

Thus, it can be effective for some and ineffective for others. However, this does not mean that candied ginger does not work at all.

4- Anti-stress

Crystallized ginger is also used to relieve anxiety and stress.

Some scientific studies have shown that ginger can bind to serotonin receptors.

These conditions or manage a person’s mood and anxiety.

You will reduce your anxiety or feel calm when you eat candied ginger or add ginger to your tea.

5- Strengthens the immune system

The immune system is strengthened by semi-confit ginger. During the winter, the flu season, it is in great demand and very useful.

This is because it contains active compounds that help clean the sinuses. These compounds are excellent for protecting your body from toxins and viruses.

6- Effective painkiller

Candied ginger is also an effective painkiller. It has proven to be very effective against joint pain caused by exercise, especially following intense exercise for example.

Candied Ginger not only helps to strongly reduce the inflammation marker but also to reduce cramping pain.

7- Enjoy Better Digestion

Candied ginger has excellent power on the digestive system, this is where one of its many virtues lies.

Its rhizome acts on the production of enzymes involved in digestion and stimulates it.

The property that candied ginger promotes the secretion of bile has been highlighted in a review article that lists all studies conducted on this subject. This review article was written by Platel K, Srinivasan K. in 2004.

V- How to store candied ginger

Candied ginger is usually stored in a glass bowl with an airtight seal.

It is better to put it in the fridge in hot countries and away from the light in a cool place, in countries rather cold.

VI- Recipe for crystallized ginger

Here is a simple recipe of crystallized ginger to make yourself; It may not have as many benefits as candied ginger because of the lack of honey, but it is still a very beneficial health food.

Ingredients: 1 cup of fresh ginger, 3 cups of sugar, 3 cups of water


Peel your ginger carefully. Then cut the ginger into round shapes about 5 mm thick.

Take a large pot and mix your water and sugar. Boil this mixture until all the sugar is dissolved.

Add the ginger to the mixed sugar solution. Boil for about 45 minutes until the ginger is soft and sweet.

Drain the ginger but do not pour off the liquid. Then dry the drained ginger on a rack for at least 30 minutes.

Mix the ginger with the sugar to coat. Place the coated ginger on wax paper and let it dry.

Once dried, you should store the treats in a dry, airtight container.

For the preserved liquid, boil it until it reaches a thick consistency that has the consistency of honey and maple syrup.

In case the sugar crystallizes, add a little water to dissolve it.

Store the syrup solution in an airtight container for later use in ice cream, waffles, tea, etc.

VII- Can you put crystallized ginger in tea

A great way to make a healthy tea is to take 1 or 2 slices of candied ginger and put them in a glass of hot water.

Let it sit for a few minutes while the ginger releases its nutrients trapped in the sugar.

Your tea will be delicious and very beneficial to your health.

VIII-How to serve crystallized Ginger

Candied ginger can be eaten quite simply like candy, and can also be used to make desserts.

It is a root recognized for its toning and stimulating properties.

It is good to consume it in the case of slack.

And It can also be incorporated into cooking recipes, savory or sweet, or affixed to cakes as a decorative element.

It can also be used in gingerbread or traditional bread recipes, to add an extra lemony taste paired with other citrus fruits or spices.

In savory recipes, it adds an Asian note and a sweet and savory side to meats.

In sweet recipes, it is incorporated in small pieces into cakes to add color and bring an original and surprising lemony touch!

IX- Does candied ginger help heartburn or acid reflux?

If at any time you have a stomach ache, nausea, or acid reflux, ginger will be a good natural recipe to help you get over this discomfort.

A cup of tea with candied ginger will help you get over this difficult moment.

Your digestive system will never thank you enough, of course only if these health problems are not the symptoms of another more serious illness.

X- Possible side effects of crystallized ginger

The sweet, spicy flavor and chewy texture of candied (or crystallized) ginger make it a delicious snack, but there are potential side effects to consuming too much.

Side effects are rare in most people but can include stomach irritation, heartburn, or diarrhea.

Ginger is not recommended for children under 2 years of age and may also affect blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

If you are taking medication to treat these conditions, consult your doctor before eating candied or crystallized ginger.

To Write my article on medicinal plants, I have to think about how to use them.

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