Bay Leaf tea for Sleep and Insomnia [Recipe & Benefits]

How can we use a bay leaf tea for sleep and insomnia? What are the benefits of bay leaf tea? What about its spiritual virtues? How to make bay leaf tea for sleep and insomnia? What are the other home remedies for insomnia? And Finally, what are the side effects of bay leaf tea?

I. Reasons for Insomnia

Insomnia can be defined as a decrease in the quality and quantity of sleep with insufficient recovery sleep. There are several reasons for insomnia. We can list:

Psychological reasons: very often, insomnia is related to psychological disorders more or less severe like anxiety, stress, and depression.

Sleep diseases: it must be said here that several pathologies can lead to sleep disorders and cause episodes of insomnia more or less frequently.

These pathologies are restless legs syndrome (impatience), hyperthyroidism, sleep apnea syndrome, asthma or respiratory diseases, etc.

The environment and lifestyle: Similarly, it should be noted that conditions associated with the environment or lifestyle can cause insomnia. We can mention neighborhood noise, poor bedding, noise, or excessive consumption of caffeine.

Let’s discuss in the following title how bay leaves can help you sleep well.

II. Bay Leaf Tea for Sleep and Insomnia

1- Benefits of Bay Leaves for Sleep and Insomnia

Before talking about the benefits of bay leaves for sleep, it is necessary to make history of them.

It should be noted that for thousands of years the bay leaves are at the heart of the legends. They played a crucial role in the Roman or Greek traditions, and are omnipresent in the Indian or Caribbean culture.

Today, we can say without a doubt that this plant has stood the test of time. The bay leaves are not only used in dishes, but they are also usually used as an ingredient in perfume creams, toilet waters, lotions, detergents, and soaps.

The laurel leaves are used, according to the tradition, as sedatives, anti-inflammatory, and analgesics.

However, it should not be forgotten that they also have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

They also lower the heart and blood pressure. Therefore, they are used to treat insomnia, and stress and to improve mood.

2- How to Use Bay Leaves for Sleep and Insomnia?

a- Burning Bay leaves for Sleep

To enjoy the benefits of bay leaves for sleep, you can burn them before use.

To do this, you must first ensure that your bay leaves are dry, then take a metal container such as a small saucepan.

Then you need to light one of the bay leaves with a lighter. Finally, you have to place the lighted leaf in the container so that it burns, then leave it for 10 minutes.

It should be said that during these 10 minutes, due to the benefits of the bay leaves, you will feel less stressed. What will allow you to sleep well.

Indeed, the smoke will relax you and release your muscular tensions when you will return to the room. Also, it should be added that the fumigation of bay leaves has the power to relax you due to its virtues.

How to make bay leaf tea for sleeping and insomnia

b- How to make bay Leaf Tea for Sleep and Insomnia

By consuming the dried bay leaves in the form of herbal tea, you will benefit from their benefits for sleep. You can mix your bay leaf tea with a little honey.

For the realization of this tea-containing bay tree, you must have at your disposal: dried leaves of the bay tree and 1 liter of fresh water.

To prepare this tea, here are the steps to follow:

You need to boil the liter of water and add the dried bay leaves, then let the mixture infuse for a few minutes and remove it from the heat.

The mixture should be left to rest after covering the pot or pan in which it is placed.

When the mixture has cooled down, you can now drain and drink a glass of this tea in the morning and evening.

c- Bay leaves under the pillow

To be able to sleep well, you are also advised to place the bay leaves under the pillow. The bay leaves used in this way can cause prophetic dreams and visions.

Because they are full of many spiritual virtues. Nevertheless, some people believe in the spiritual virtues of this plant, and others do not. So it is to be relativized.

Let’s talk about the laurel leaves in Islam.

III. Bay Leaves in Islam

In Islam, because of their spiritual virtues, laurel leaves are considered a true blessing from Allah.

Beyond this spiritual aspect, they have many advantages. These only reinforce its important place in the Muslim tradition.

Indeed, the laurel is considered a miraculous plant in Islam, because these leaves produce incredible benefits for the human body.

Not only do they fight insomnia, but they also have a direct impact on the sugar level, hypertension, and fats in the blood.

Let’s talk about the spiritual virtues of bay leaves in the following title.

IV- Spiritual Virtues of Bay Leaves

It should be noted at the outset that the prophetic and energetic virtues of the Laurel are not new.

According to some, we usually forget that each plant beyond its properties and its effectiveness on health has properties on the spirit.

Laurel leaves are used for protection and purification, worn as amulets, burned, or spread in exorcism rituals, to ward off negativity and evil.

Similarly, they are placed in window openings to protect against lightning and hung to prevent ghosts from roaming the house.

Let’s find out in the following title where to find the laurel leaves.

V- Where to Find the Bay Leaves?

One thing is to know the virtues of bay leaves, another is to know where to find them. You can find bay leaves online. A kilogram of 100% natural bay leaves can cost you more than $100.

Let’s discover to finish the other benefits of bay leaves.

VI- Other Benefits of Bay Leaf Tea

In addition to giving you a good sleep, the bay leaves have many other benefits like those for hair. Let us enlighten some of them:

# Improve Digestion

They are used to treat cramps and promote good digestion.

# Respiratory System

In the respiratory system, they are a very effective expectorant. Indeed, they are used for bronchial infections and colds.

# Bay Leaf Tea for Rheumatism

Due to powders extracted from bay leaves, the diuretic and antirheumatic properties of bay leaves were demonstrated. Also, in case of fever, they lower the temperature.

Also, in the case of rheumatism, the oil extracted from the bay leaves applied to the concerned part allows decreasing the pains.

In the same way, the infusion of laurel anesthetizes, in a gargle, the aching teeth.

# Bay leaf tea for Diabetes

Although there is no clear scientific evidence that these leaves are effective for diabetics, they have long been known for their ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body and regulate blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by the reduced production of insulin by the pancreas or the failure of insulin to function effectively.

A cup of bay leaf tea helps to reduce blood sugar levels due to the high levels of antioxidants it contains and it prevents the pancreas from being exhausted, which produces almost uselessly huge amounts of insulin in the case of type 2 diabetes.

# Bay Leaf Tea for Nausea

Bay leaves are recommended for their effectiveness in promoting digestion and reducing flatulence that is created in the digestive system.

They have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

And it is undoubtedly for all this that the tea of bay leaves is effective to fight against nausea, which originates from the disturbance in the functioning of the digestive system.

# Bay Leaf tea for Anxiety

Bay leaves, in addition to being very stomach tonics, act on the body as effective calmers.

The linalool, an essential oil present in this plant, is very useful to reduce cortisol in the blood and calm the anxious mind.

# Bay Leaf Tea for Spirituality

It should also be added that bay leaves have several benefits on the spiritual level. They are for example used for divination.

Indeed, many ancient authors have described the Pythias prophesying with the green foam of the laurel to the lips.

Benefits of bay leaf tea

VII- Potential Bay Leaf Tea Side Effects

# Blood Sugar Level

Bay leaves are known to be very good natural ingredients that act on the level of glucose in the blood and regulate blood sugar well.

Unfortunately, it has been reported the opposite effect in some people. So, if you are diabetic, be careful if this is the first time you drink bay leaf tea.

It would be wise to consult your doctor in this case

# Surgical Problems

When you have undergone surgery, it is better to avoid drinking bay leaf tea, at least one week before the operation.

Its sedative effects can be harmful during the operation.

# Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Some natural ingredients are not recommended by experience for pregnant and nursing women.

And bay leaves are among these ingredients, for reasons that cannot be explained here.

Hopefully, there will be a serious scientific study one day to verify the truth of this statement.

But, we must also remember the effectiveness of bay leaves in getting pregnant quickly.

VIII- Other Home Remedies for Insomnia

# Cinnamon and Bay Leaf for Insomnia

A very simple recipe for effectiveness is to de-stress the mind and soothe the body so that it falls asleep more easily and avoids long insomnia that destroys health.

Take a teaspoon of cinnamon (or a cinnamon stick) and two teaspoons of dried bay leaves. Put them in hot water. Let it steep for a few minutes.

Strain and drink a cup before going to bed.

# Ginger and Bay Leaf Tea for Sleeping

Ginger is known to boost human metabolism and blood circulation, especially in people who are overly sensitive to this root with multiple benefits.

It has a great ability to fight fatigue and energize the body for a few more hours.

So one could easily deduce that it is not good for helping sleep and fighting insomnia.

Except that when used in small quantities and in combination with bay leaves, it becomes like a kind of natural sleeping pill.

Ginger and bay leaf tea is as easy to prepare as cinnamon tea.

Take half a teaspoon of powdered ginger (or a small fresh slice) and another two teaspoons of bay leaves. Put them in a cup of hot water and let them steep for a few minutes.

Filter and drink this tea before going to sleep.

Note that to sweeten the taste of all bay leaf teas, you can add a teaspoon of organic honey.

Honey is known to be an excellent natural ingredient to relieve the stress of the day and help you sleep well.

# Hot Foot Soak with Bay Leaves

To make a footbath with bay leaves, there is no easier way to do it.

A large basin, wide enough to put both feet in.

Fill it with very hot water, and put in about ten bay leaves and two large spoons of Epsom salt.

This is an ancient technique that helps to detoxify the body and relax the little nerves in the feet that have a huge effect on mental health.

Thus this bath will de-stress the body, reducing blood pressure and balancing blood circulation.

This can help a lot to sleep well and get rid of possible insomnia.

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