22 Baking Soda Bath Benefits

Here are 22 baking soda bath benefits. A simple gesture for almost exceptional results, for such a magnificent ingredient. Try it a few times, you’ll get nothing more than a relieved body and a decrease in the effects of skin diseases.

I. What Is a Baking Soda Bath?

The benefits of baking soda are not only found in the kitchen or for cleaning. In beauty care too, baking soda brings a lot.

A baking soda bath is a gentle and relaxing way to enjoy the benefits of this product.

To do so, you just have to mix half a cup of baking soda in your bathwater.

The water must be lukewarm, to allow a better dissolution. All you have to do is slip in and enjoy.

# How Long Should You Sit in a Baking Soda Bath

You should sit in a baking soda bath for about ten minutes. The water you use for this bath should be cold or temperate.

In order to activate the circulation, your legs should remain in the open air and your knees slightly raised.

Hot water is forbidden, as vasodilatation would be counterproductive by promoting hemorrhoids.

II. 22 Baking Soda Bath Benefits

1. Treating Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are infections of the epidermis. In cases of eczema, the skin dries out. They are infections that can cause severe itching.

It can become so painful that you may end up hurting yourself from scratching.

Baking soda in your bath will definitely soothe you. Baking soda works on the skin and helps reduce the symptoms of this type of infection.

The skin affected by eczema and dried out by it will be rehydrated by contact with bicarbonate. After your bath, just remember to use moisturizing milk or oil on the affected area.

As for psoriasis, bicarbonate helps reduce inflammation. Again, apply a moisturizing oil after your bath. Dry your skin well beforehand.

2. Relaxing Your Muscles

After a long day, or after returning from a trip, nothing beats a warm bath to relax sore muscles.

Add some baking soda powder to your warm bathwater.

This product will work on your skin and body. The baking soda will help your muscles relax. A bath with a little baking soda is a great way to release tension.

Your body will be relaxed and unwound.

3. Facial Skin Relaxation

To fight wrinkles and sagging facial skin, baking soda is a great ally.

It can be used as a scrub, combined with a vegetable oil such as coconut oil for example.

It is an excellent exfoliant, which will leave your skin soft and purified.

Once your scrub is done, clean your face well, if possible with a neutral cleansing gel. Once your skin is dry, apply your moisturizer.

You can also use it as a mask. In addition to regenerating your skin, the bicarbonate will brighten it and make it soft.

4. Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a disease that sometimes causes severe itching and irritation all over the skin.

Even if it is a pathology that generally does not have serious consequences, its symptoms are very painful.

Disabling and unpleasant, chickenpox can nevertheless be managed by a bath with baking soda.

Baking soda mixed with bathwater brings great relief to the skin irritated by this condition.

If you or your child suffers from this ailment, do not hesitate to use this tip. The itching will decrease significantly. The skin will also be less irritated and painful.

5. Fungal Skin Infections

Bicarbonate is an antifungal agent, so it acts on fungal infections. These can manifest themselves in various ways. Candida albicans for example is a fungus that causes candidiasis.

This one can touch the nails as well as being vaginal.

As for nail fungus, baking soda will act on it.

Yellowed and brittle nails will be in better condition after baths with baking soda.

Because it is antimycotic, it will help you fight against these fungi.

6. Moisturizing the Skin

Dry skin will benefit from baking soda baths.

Baking soda is a very good moisturizer. On the skin, it helps to rid it of toxins and purify it.

Adding a little baking soda to your bath water will protect it.

The skin of your body will be softened by the bicarbonate. Then dry yourself off and use moisturizing milk or cream.

You will see the results almost immediately.

7. Soothe Diaper Rash

Diaper rash appears on the skin of young children. It is a sign of bacterial growth in this area. Because of the constant covering of the skin, the baby’s diaper area is susceptible to infection.

The more they scratch, the more they irritate this already scarred area.

For young children, the dose of bicarbonate should be minimal. One to two tablespoons of bicarbonate are sufficient. This is a dose that corresponds to the child’s weight.

Put some in the child’s bathwater and bathe the child for about ten minutes.

Young children and babies should not be in contact with baking soda for too long. Pregnant women should avoid it altogether.

8. Relieves Itching

Itching, whether it is caused by an infection or insect bites, is relieved by a baking soda bath.

It’s a natural and simple way to stop irritation and soothe your skin.

When you get out of your shower, your skin will be softer, because it will be detoxified.

9. May Help Cure Yeast Infections

A baking soda bath can help you to soothe or cure yeast infections.

It is a bath that can help you relieve the symptoms of a yeast infection due to the antifungal properties of baking soda.

It can actually ease the symptoms of yeast infection like burning, swelling, itching, etc.

10. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A bicarbonate bath helps to heal urinary tract infections such as cystitis.

Very often, these infections are the result of overly acidic urine; acidity promotes inflammation through the proliferation of bacteria.

Baking soda combats this acidity by rebalancing the body’s pH.

11 Can Cure Fungal Nail Infections

A baking soda bath can cure fungal nail infections because of its antifungal properties.

As a reminder, antifungals are remedies or medicines that possess the ability to treat fungal infections.

12. Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

Also known as Poison Ivy, poison ivy is a popular plant that causes a severe allergic reaction that is extremely irritating when touched or rubbed.

It is important to note that contact dermatitis (the other name for poison ivy) is a bullous rash that spreads over the entire surface of the skin touched by the plant.

This disease can be cured by baking soda baths because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

13. May Relieve Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Baking soda has multiple virtues, and one of them is its ability to relieve constipation and hemorrhoids.

Indeed, it has an anti-inflammatory action that is used to soothe mild burning and itching.

14. Relieves Vulvar Irritations

The baking soda bath also has the ability to relieve itching and vaginal irritation.

Specifically, baking soda can restore a pH close to neutrality in case of excessive acidity, conducive to the development of certain mycoses and bacteria.

The use of baking soda does not exempt you from consulting a doctor.

15. Healthy Detox Bath

It is possible to evacuate toxins through the skin during the bath by putting in water substances that are supposed to remove toxins from the body, this is the idea behind the practice of healthy detox baths.

Lovers or practitioners of healthy detox baths are convinced that it is necessary to eliminate the toxins absorbed by our diet and environmental pollution.

Baking soda is a biologically alkaline substance that has a reputation for helping to eliminate toxins.

16. Soothe Athlete’s Foot 

Baking soda protects your feet from moisture and the spread of the athlete’s foot.

That’s why it’s known to be an excellent remedy for this infection because it soothes it considerably.

17. Can Reduce Hives

Baking soda, again because of its anti-inflammatory action, can reduce the itching caused by hives.

In fact, the purit is calmed quite well following a baking soda bath.

18. Can Reduce Body Odor 

Baking soda is a natural remedy that has an antibacterial action and can therefore be used as an anti-odor.

You can apply the baking soda bath under your arm. However, you should not do this after shaving or waxing.

19. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

A baking soda bath can help regulate your blood pressure.

In fact, there is evidence that sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is an effective treatment for fluid retention, high blood pressure, anemia, etc.

Before using it to regulate your blood pressure, it is recommended that you consult a physician.

20. Improves Nerve Function

A problem with digestion can ruin the day for some people. If you are a stressed and nervous person, these difficulties in digesting your meals can affect your mood.

Baking soda is an excellent grandmother’s remedy that can help you solve your digestion problems and restore your mood.

Specifically, baking soda has alkaline properties that help balance the pH throughout the digestive system.

This is what helps to reduce acid reflux and ensure the proper functioning of the intestines.

21. May Help Boost the Immune System

A baking soda bath can also help you strengthen your immune system. No need to remind you of its many virtues.

22. Rashes by Poisonous Plants

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, baking soda can help you get rid of poisonous plant rashes.

III. Baking Soda Bath for the Feet

The feet are one of the most pressured parts of the body.

To relieve your feet of their tension and soften their skin, try baking soda.

It will soothe your aching feet while detoxifying them of toxins. A baking soda foot bath also helps fight foot odor.

Put a quarter cup of baking soda in a liter of warm water. Then soak your feet in it, and relax for about fifteen minutes.

Once free, wipe your feet thoroughly and apply a moisturizer.

IV. Risks of Baking Soda Baths

It is wrong to think that natural products can have no harmful effects on health.

Baking soda, like other products, can be dangerous for the skin. It is an abrasive product, which must be used with caution.

If you use it too often, you can irritate your skin.

Sensitive skin types should be very careful about using it.

V. Is a Baking Soda Bath Good for Babies?

Baking soda can be used very well for the health of babies.

First of all, it is very effective in disinfecting their environment. Toys, clothes, floors, and many other things can become cleaner due to the virtues of baking soda.

Moreover, a little bit of bicarbonate in the bathwater of babies is excellent for their skin.

However, it is important to be very careful not to put too much in the bathwater and not to leave the child in it for too long.

VI. Other Variants of the Baking Soda Bath

# Epsom Salt and Baking Soda Bath

This is a bath that allows you to remove dirt in the drains.

To make it, mix 1/2 cup of Epsom salt with 1/2 cup of baking soda and pour the resulting mixture into the shower bath.

Then, add a cup of white vinegar and leave it for 15 minutes.

To finish, pour boiling water.

# Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Bath

This is an effective bath against fungus. You need to put the cider vinegar and baking soda in the same container and mix well to obtain a thick paste.

Afterward, it is recommended to apply this poultice to the area affected by fungus. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Repeat the operation twice a day until the symptoms disappear.

# White Vinegar and Baking Soda Bath

This mixture will allow you to effectively clean your bathrooms. You just need to mix 200 g of salt, 200 g of baking soda, 20 cl of white vinegar, and 1L of boiling water.

You are advised to pour this solution into the pipes and let it act for 30 minutes before rinsing with boiling water.

# Essential Oil and Baking Soda Bath

You can make a foot bath by diluting two tablespoons (50 grams) of baking soda in the hot water that you will use for the bath.

Afterward, you need to add 4 drops of essential oil of lavender.

VII. Other Questions About Baking Soda Bath

# Can I Bathe My Dog in Baking Soda?

Putting smaller amounts of baking soda around dogs is considered non-harmful.

However, it is strongly discouraged to give them baking soda, as large amounts of ingested baking soda can be toxic.

# How Much Baking Soda in Bath Water?

It is recommended to dilute 5 grams, or one teaspoon, of baking soda in 1l of water.

In other words, it’s 5 grams of baking soda for 1l of warm or reasonably warm water.

# What are the Benefits of Baking Soda Bath While Pregnant?

The baking soda bath has many benefits for pregnant women.

It not only allows her to be relaxed but also neutralizes the acids in the uterus since it has an anti-acid action, which accelerates the labor.

# Are Baking Soda and Vinegar Bath Good for Ph Balance?

The result of both substances is neutral; the basic cancels out the acidity. In plainer terms, the addition of the baking soda lowers the acidity of the white vinegar and therefore its effectiveness.

# How Much Baking Soda in Bath for Toddler?

The dosage for adults should not be the same for children. Thus, you need to dilute 1 tablespoon of baking soda in the bathwater of your child.

# Can Baking Soda Get Rid of Cellulite?

Baking soda can eliminate cellulite. It is an excellent homemade anti-cellulite agent that acts as a gentle exfoliant. It acts concretely on the texture of the skin by removing all its dead cells.

# Can I Use Baking Powder in a Bath Instead of Baking Soda?

Of course, you can! Baking soda is an ingredient in baking powder. So technically speaking, baking powder is the best substitute for baking soda.

For example, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of baking soda, use three teaspoons (or one tablespoon) of baking powder.

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